Thursday, August 19, 2010

Halloween Project

So here is a preview of my latest project. Its time to start those Halloween projects.
I have beaten the Chaos in my life down to an acceptable level and have moved on to more creative endeavors. I had a brain storm about a pillow collection for my home and the Etsy store, so I ran down to my local quilting store for some fabulous fabric.
I love decorating for Halloween. We don't really do any thing for Halloween. My kids are to old to Trick or Treat and my country location has never attracted any Trick or Treaters,(I do have plenty of candy on hand just in case) but I love the decorating. My tradition has been to put in the classic Bell, Book and Candle and fill my home with Fall and Halloween decor. Harvest decor also part of this farm family's traditions.
Fall is my favorite time of year. I love the crisp weather, making soup,changing leaves and the end of a busy farm and summer season. Fall is my down time before I gear up for tax season. It is the time we take family vacations, do home improvement projects and the time that my husband and I have the most alone time.

So here I sit sweating at the sewing machine, remembering to enjoy the last busy days of summer and looking forward to Fall, Harvest and Halloween.

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elizabeth marston said...

You have always inspired me for fall time! I love that time of year! Come and visit me and give me good fall/Halloween ideas!