Saturday, September 25, 2010


As you can tell from Pam's brief posting, things have been a bit crazy. We are all very grateful that John is doing so well, and now it will just take some time for all to return to a semi-normal state.
It has been difficult to concentrate on anything else, but I did manage to take some pictures (I love photos) that I will share.

While John was in the hospital here, and Pam was with him, Erin and Daniel and the three dogs stayed here. It was lively and kept our minds off scary stuff. O'Reilly loved having all the company; but as you can see, Erin didn't get much rest.

Daniel is standing beside a gift from John's friends (their name sounds like "bear"). It was HUGE and fun.
O'Reilly was very curious about this bear.

I have been wanting to can fruit since July, but it hasn't happened. This week I took a leap of faith and purchased several boxes of peaches, pears, and tomatoes. It is such a satisfying feeling to see the jars with their beautiful bounty. Mom loves to eat the peaches & pears all winter, the tomatoes are great in chili and stews, and I like to make jam for gifts.

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