Monday, June 21, 2010


Saturday Mom & I went to a local strawberry field. There was a time when I would have picked these berries and come home with sore back, stained knees and fingers, a full tummy and great satisfaction. This time we bought 2 flats already picked. After visiting the grocery store and stocking up on sugar, pectin and freezer containers, I made strawberry freezer jam. Due to a shortage of the kind of pectin I usually use, I tried the other brand. It has a slightly different recipe, but tasted good. Back to a different store for more supplies... takes a lot of sugar and pectin and containers, as my eyes were bigger than my supply list. This time I was able to buy my favorite brand of pectin, so made some of that too. Now we can compare at some point and decide which we like best. I have an aunt who always swore by one kind, so that's all I ever used... until now.
Meantime we are eating lots of berries, which are fat, juicy, and yummy. Again I have a feeling of satisfaction, and I'm thinking maybe tomorrow I should make a fresh strawberry pie!

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