Thursday, June 17, 2010

Red Wall

So this is my favorite area of my home right now I love the black and white and silver accents, The wall is 70's paneling and I love it painted. It did take four coats of paint to get the desired look, but I think it was definitely worth it. I got this side board at a local vintage shop and it was already black. It is the only piece of black furniture I have and I think it makes a great statement, plus it has tons of storage for stamping and scrap booking stuff. If I come home after dark and the accent light is on and my dining room curtains are open the wall just glows with warmth. I was concerned that I might get tired of the red, or not find it relaxing enough, but it has been there for almost six months and I still love it. The square bird plate is from Ross and one of my favorite pieces. The cream deer on the shelf are from the dollar store, I spray painted them and don't remember what color they were originally, but I absolutely love them now.

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