Friday, November 19, 2010

Coffee Sleeve Bonanza

Look what I did yesterday! I was very busy. I am a bad Aunt and always wait til Thanksgiving to deliver my niece's birthday presents.(Their Birthdays are in September and November) I had so much fun that I made one for my daughter my sister-in-law and one for me.

This is a shot of the fronts, then the backs. I use a cardboard sleeve as a pattern adding about 1/4 inch around for a seam allowance. I add some fusible batting in between the layers of fabric.

I use buttons from my stash to hold the ends together.

They are all reversible with embroidery or applique on one side and decorative buttons or charms on the other.

I sew the two sets of buttons on at the same time.
I think they all turned out great and I can't wait to give them to the girls with gift cards from their favorite coffee shop. I also can't wait to use mine.
Have a great weekend.

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