Saturday, November 6, 2010

Making Progress

As you can see I am getting well enough to start being creative again (Scruffy doesn't leave my side for long these days). I will be stuck in this boot til the end of the month but I am getting around a lot better. All of our friends and neighbors as well as my Mom, Dad and Grandmother have been terrific. Mom stayed with us for a month and never had to cook dinner, the meals began coming in the day I came home from the hospital. Our neighbors and good friends the Bair family took over our farming operation the day after John went into the hospital. We are blessed in so many ways and this very difficult time has been a real chance to thank God for all that we have and all the wonderful people he has put in our lives. John continues to get stronger all the time and has turned into a fabulous chef, and is taking wonderful care of me. My kids are getting tired of taking care of Mom and Dad and want to once again be the center of attention, but they have been great. I know that many of you were praying for me and my family and you can be sure that those prayers were heard. We will be well and whole in no time, and I can not wait to return to my old boring life where I am the caretaker.

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