Saturday, July 31, 2010

County Fair

Our County Fair starts on Thursday, so we are in high gear around the farm. I am a swine 4 H leader and I am racing around trying to help the kids get ready, get myself ready, and keep my home from completely falling apart this week.
Daniel has been great at taking care of his pig "Pebbles" with out any reminders. She is a rambunctious and funny pig, who took great delight in dumping her water out every day, and I don't think Dan will be sad to see her go.

Erin has enjoyed her lambs as usual, but even she is looking forward to not feeding them anymore.
Erin is showing both FFA and 4H this year, she enjoys the showing of animals more than Daniel and is looking to repeat last year's success. While Dan is hoping to go to the destruction derby and a large financial pay out.

I love fair time watching my own kids as well as my 4H kids. My 4 H kids are all great, and so are their parents. We always camp at the fair grounds with most of the members of our club, and all hang out and have dinner together most nights. John even manages to get away from the haying for an evening or two. The next week is packed with pen set up, decorating, stocking the trailer and get it to the fair grounds, shearing, completing record books, rodeos, fair food, showmanship, market classes, breeding classes, barn duty, early mornings, hot afternoons an auction and lots of good times with good friends.
Hope you all got a chance to enjoy the county fair this summer.

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Anonymous said...

Wish we could come see you at the fair! We miss it!