Friday, July 2, 2010

The Garden

I am loving being outside. The weather has been perfect; sunny and warm, with a bit of a breeze. This is how the garden looks now if I sit on the patio and enjoy it.
Another view is this clematis, which I'm not really crazy about, but it is the one out of three I planted over the years that survived! It is white, and the blossoms are kind of small... boring. But, it is covering the trellis and doesn't look too bad.
O'Reilly likes being outside with his "bed"... which he thinks is a giant chew toy to gnaw on and dig at. He doesn't sleep in it. Do you ever wonder what dogs are thinking? He loves his toys and being with his people in the yard. He passed his Intermediate Training class. We are taking a break for the summer now, and will hopefully improve on what we have learned so far. It is quite a time committment, but worth it. Still... it is summer.
The roses are wonderful in a bouquet in the house. This rose is called Rio Samba, and I added some of the lavender from the back yard, some varigated sage, and a few branches from a bush behind the shed. Smells really yummy.

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