Monday, July 19, 2010

Magggie May

This is Maggie May. I love her , she is a good horse and she scares me a little. I have had horses since Erin was in the 4th grade (she will be a senior this year). Erin was the rider in the family and she did 4H and High School Equestrian team. She started with a horse named Sally but out grew her. Maggie was supposed to be Erin's new horse when she was a freshman, but Erin and Maggie butt heads, the are a lot alike, headstrong, sure of themselves, convinced that their way is the right way, beautiful and young. Maggie is now my horse, she is not my only horse I also have Maverick, but I will talk about him another day. Maggie has had a few years to grow up since Erin first bought her , and I believe that she has grown into a great horse, but that doesn't mean she doesn't scare me. I came to horses later in life and didn't start riding until I was forty. I have had a few set backs , but believe that Maggie and I will have a great partnership. I have been promising myself for two years that I would ride her, but I have not made it a priority, and let my fear stand in my way. Wednesday I am taking a riding lesson on Maggie, and I am looking forward to it. I believe that doing something that scares me is a good way to stretch myself, and I want horses to be a part of my life and refuse to be cowed. Wish me luck. What do you do that scares you?

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lizzy said...

You inspire me! You were never afraid to try new things, thanks for always encouraging me to do the same.