Wednesday, July 21, 2010


O'Reilly is almost 7 months old now. I took him in to get weighed, and he's now 7.9 pounds. I hope he won't get much bigger. I like taking pictures of him, and these turned out so well. He changes and grows so quickly. I have a friend at church who always askes for the latest photos, so that reminds me to take them often. He looks so innocent in this first one... don't believe it!
He loves looking out the dining room window, and this chair is usually there for him to use. Again... he looks innocent, but I seem to remember that I had just told him to stop barking at another dog walking past. After he calmed down, he seemed to be saying "who me?".
While I was spray painting outside, O'Reilly had to be in his pen. He wasn't too happy about that, and wanted out so he could "help" me. The pen is something we got at the very beginning, because our fence wasn't dog-proof. He got into the habit of using it and now when he goes in there it is almost automatic that he will do his business. Makes it much easier to keep the yard clean.
In this last picture he is a pooped puppy! When he gets tired, he just kind of collapses and if it is hot, he doesn't curl up, but lays out on the carpet. Notice that he is still keeping an eye on me and my camera.

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