Sunday, July 11, 2010

Latest Finds

This was a find from a thrift shop. It was an ugly silverish metal, and only cost a few cents. I used some old acrylic paint I had, which was a bit thick, but since I was going to place this outside, I decided it didn't have to be perfect. After painting it all white, I then used the light blue on the embossed part and the handles, then brushed it again with the white paint. I think it looks great! Especially with the flowers. The purple flower is a verbena and the other one with tiny pink flowers wasn't marked when I purchased it, but I think it is a form of baby's breath.

This planter looks good with the pot that has the begonia in it. By the way, the begonia is still alive and this is one of the blooms. I am very pleased and hope it stays healthy. We have been having a heat wave here for the past week or so... today it is 93 degrees, and that is cooler. Whew! The roses are loving it though. My sister-in-law in Kansas sent me a picture of her beautiful rose and I was thinking I would love to see some of your roses or beautiful flowers if you would like to send them to me. Just leave a comment on this posting.

I try not to purchase new vases unless they are unique and something that I love. I saw the possibilities of this one and couldn't resist. It is quite small and I usually have it on my kitchen windowsill, so I see it often and it cheers me each time I look at it. It is a way to display the smaller miniature roses and some of the herbs from the garden, including this lavender, sage, oregano, mint and rosemary. The little gold flower comes from a plant that was given to us by a neighbor. I don't know the name of it, but it blooms all summer and is very bright. This vase ensemble is all connected, so you only have to water one, and it flows into all. Nice concept.

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elizabeth said...

I LOVE this vase! So cute