Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Baby Owl

Look what Missy (our Cocker/King Charles cross) found in the yard this morning. Missy really wanted to eat it but after chasing her around the tree eight or nine times in my robe, I convinced her that it was a bad idea. The poor thing must have fallen out of the tree early this morning. Mom and Dad owl were in the tree above the baby, hooting, clicking and making a sound like a dog bark and baby had his wings out his fluffy feathers puffed and was clicking at us too. After I got the dog back in the house, I watched him from inside for quite a while, I don't think he could fly yet and was attempting to climb the tree without much luck. A neighbor stopped by soon after and picked him up and put him on one of the limbs (out of dog reach). The baby spent the next hour hopping from limb to limb but not gettting any higher. I had errands to run, so I kenneled the dog and wished him luck. When I got back he was not in the tree, and not anywhere that I or the dog could find. I saw Dad owl in another tree later that day so I think Baby must have been close. Encountering baby owls in the yard at 6 am is just one of the great things about living on a farm. I have heard Mom and Dad owl talking to one another early in the morning and in the evening for months. I'm so glad they chose our big trees for their nest. Hope your home and yard are a blessing to you also.

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