Monday, May 17, 2010


Its hard to believe that my daughter is old enough for the prom, it all goes by so quickly it really doesn't seem like all that long ago that I went to the prom. Prom in my day was a lot different, you had to have a date and it wasn't really a group thing. I think prom today is much more fun. Erin didn't have a date this year but had more fun with a group of her friends than she would have on "a date".
Prom also reminds me (as well as the kids daily count down) that school is almost over and a busy summer awaits. Erin shows sheep and Daniel my son shows swine at the local county fair.
Daniel got his pig for 4H two weeks ago and the morning after prom, we picked up Erin's lambs for her FFA project. They are so cute.

Have a great day I have many projects I am working on and will have pics soon.

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