Sunday, May 9, 2010


Why can I never catch up with the Laundry and the housework? I am beginning to believe that my family has too much. Too many clothes, too much stuff and too many activities.
I read lots of self help books on how to declutter and organize my life ( they are in a big pile next to the bed, spilling out of the bookshelves and on the end tables in the living room).I love these books and their wonderful advice, and I am great at making an organization plan, implementing the plan is another story. I believe that things are better now than a year ago but I have trouble making the organization stick.
My husband and I have a farm in southern Oregon, the prices last fall were the worst we have ever seen, and this year we a facing a drought and water crisis. I am using our financial situation as a great opportunity to initiate a spending freeze, ( this should help with the too much) and look for ways to improve my homemaking skills ( I will post what works for us).
I have gotten lots of good advice, great ideas, and many free patterns and tutorials from many wonderful blogs out there, and I wanted to join in the fun and be able to provide those things to other readers like me.

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE the picture of self help books on organzation, spilling out of the bookshelf and onto the floor. Very funny and true!!