Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Recently Thrifted Treasures

Here are some treasures from two different thrifting outings. I didn't realize that I liked yellow so much.
Thrifting is one of my favorite past times, I love it because I can usually afford what I can not live with out. It is also a great place to get inspiration and practice enjoying something really neat or beautiful without bringing it home.
While thrifting I can usually find more things that I just love but don't want or need than I actually can't live without.
I have also posted some pictures of my treasures in their new homes.
As I talked about in my disorganization post. I am trying to cut down on the amount of clutter in my home. I don't want to give up on my thrifting and miss some really great treasure so I have had to make a deal with myself. Nothing comes in unless there is a place for it to live, and that means sometimes evicting an older treasure. So far so good and I haven't let myself down yet.

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