Friday, May 21, 2010

Vintage Re-purpose

My newest creation, a small vintage dresser scarf turned into a lavender sachet/eye mask. I folded it in half stitched up both sides, loosely filled with lavender and rice then stiched all the way around. I love the way it turned out, and will make a nice addition to my bedside table or as inventory for the etsy shop I hope to have up by July.
I picked the dresser scarf up at the Goodwill As Is store, and loved the hand embroidery. My Goodwill As Is store is a great resource for vintage linens, especially linens I can feel good about re-purposing. Linens with holes or stains that can be worked around. One of my passions is vintage linens, but I can only display so many tablecloths, and dresser scarves. I love to find new and creative ways to use more of them in my decore. Its fun and creative and I so love the hunt for raw materials. What have you re-purposed lately ?

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elizabeth said...

I love the vintage look, what Have I repurposed lately? Makes me want to hit the thrift stores!